Lifting Slings, Round Slings and, Protector Straps is all made from this webbing series. We are the total solution manufacturer and also sell the webbing material for factory type clients in order save cost for huge production cost .

This Webbing series works great and speeds up factory time with all slings and straps on the production process, also high efficiently.

Moderate price is the key issue to reduce the product cost, so you should buy the those straps webbing directly from TieOption.

Load restraint straps

Our tie down straps apply on the different logistics condition, and there are three type of straps includes ratchet strap, tow straps, and winch straps. Tie down Straps series have series test with CE standard. Our Tie down series breaking strengthen is from light to heavy duty range.

Load restraint straps series have good quality and strong metal to tie up all the logistic loading objects

Choose the reliable manufacturing partner help the business growth year by year .


High quality of strength sling product is the only way to provide safety condition. We provide two type of lift slings, round Slings and Eye to Eye slings. It allows clients easy to use in the difference direction of lifting transportation working .

This sling types works great in cargo shifting and speeds up the lifting work

Stable material supply control is how we reduce the cost for our clients in global market.