We are TieOption. We make excellent
webbing and cargo straps

TieOption manufacturing quality webbing series products to meet the every clients demands for OEM business. Not only do our evolving quality production , they are developed and designed new features products with our clients to address future needs as well.

Even though selling webbing straps is our business, we are specialize in the manufacture management that you can rely on our experience to get more business. Efficient and stable operation means long term partnership, high quality webbing win customer satisfaction. We are committed to provide the best manufacturing support to help you grow your business. The talented, committed employees of TieOption share the common vision of making our company as the best manufacturer.


Four facts about the technology


Developing and quality manufacturing products is our mission to keep the company so competitive.We invest our equipment from Germany to keep high quality control from automatic system.

Multiple language

Our sales team has multiple language background. We have ability to deal with clients from English, Japan, Spanish language. And we would like to become global leading webbing and straps manufacturer.


We have our lab to do the shocking, breaking, falling test. Therefore, we produce the serious quality straps and sling in each production process. Every product not only have standard for CE but provide our own test report before each shipping.


The factory start from webbing production and increase production experience step by step. We own 25 years experience in webbing industry and have ability to produce any heavy duty straps due to our mature team members.

Webbing factory TieOptionWebbing factory TieOption

TieOption's Milestone

  • 2016TieOption New Website

    Welcome to our new website page
  • 2013Build new factory

    300 workers, 60000 ㎡ non-dust workshop, level up factory.
  • 2014ISO 9001, 14001

    Factroy quality approved
  • 2005Developing

    TieOption was invest first factory in China
  • 1989Founded

    TieOption was founded on 1989 in Taiwan